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Soldering Iron Solderon 100w

Soldron High-Quality 100W/230V Soldering Iron ideal for the electrical and automotive industries. Comes with comfortable rubber coated handle. Continuous rated (24 hours) operates atMaximum Temperature up to 480c

SOLDRONs heaviest of duty irons is intended for going where no smaller iron will do. Used in applications such as:

  1. Tinning up to 10sqmm(approx) wire lugs
  2. Soldering up to 10sqmm(approx) lugs
  3. Soldering copper sheets up to 1mm thick (approx)
  4. Large component soldering such as
    1. Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR)
    2. TRIACs
    3. Diodes
    4. Etc
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